Adi Holden

The group of rock Adi Holden was established in 2007 in Bergara. Even if they have short life as a group, its components have a great musical experience. Alex, Ruben and Txarli  were part of the group Cool Panic. Txarli also played in Gospel Killers  hardcore group, and Arturo has long been playing the guitar in several groups.Their influences are very diverse: classic rock, punk, hardcore and postrock are their favorite music. To name a few bands and solo artists: Neil Young, Lisabo, Screaming Trees, Sonic Youth, Cancer Moon, Mikel Laboa … etc.They won the award for “Best band of Debagoiena” at Danbaka contest in 2008 . In 2010, his first job is on the street by the label Gaztelupeko Hotsak.

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