Alex Caporuscio

“Prodigious musician, with an amazing fingering, it looks as if his guitar was an extension of his arm, part of the same body. True musical juggler, sometimes one might think that his is mere exhibitionism, empty virtuosity, but that feeling is discarded immediately to see the soul and intensity he brings to everything it touches. If this is added a sweeping rhythm section, the result is a group rather than as a well oiled machine, it sounds like a real armored car, like a steamroller of Rhythm ‘n’ Blues. ” The sounds you hear in the interpretation of their songs are granite, full of energy. The base of his repertoire are compositions of great taste, and versions, covering styles ranging from Blues to Progressive Rock, through the atomic Funk or Texas hard boogie like Stevie Ray Vaughan and ZZ Top.. “Currently, the trio is completed by the prestigious rhythmic base by Javi Vacas on bass and Antonio Alvarez, “Pax”, on drums (both in The Vacazul, Reyes del KO, Tres mil Hombres …)


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