Audience breaks new ground with the new songs contained in ‘Second Handed’. This album contains rounder songs with more substance which sound better than ever. Guitars, pianos, steel guitar, trumpets, percussion, enveloping atmospheres, evocative atmospheres … this album has many sources of inspiration, both from the music scene and the world of cinema. Indeed, the album starts with a tribute to the great John Cassavettes, who never left anyone indifferent. Without doubt, the group, its album and its live performances will give people much to talk about. ‘Second Handed’ reflects an extremely high level of emotion. References to Nick Cave, Jon Spencer, Lambchop and the oldest blues and soul, etc., contain all the urgency of punk combined with the solidity and heat of rock. A futuristic vision of alternative country, the sound fragments of films and atmospheres, angry voices, the delicacy of a rhythm rich in nuance, crescendos, etc., ‘Second Hand’ reflects the evolution of a group which has always paid close attention to its sound, its musical concept and its sensitivity when striving to understand music. Both the group and the album ‘Second Handed’ will no doubt continue to gain fans among the public. ‘Audience’ have embarked on their own artistic journey, following in no one’s footsteps.

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