Milk and bread. It does not take much to make soups and milk and it is a delicious snack. The tambourine and trikitixa  have great ability, within their possibilities, to get people to dance around. Although in recent years, the pilgrimages have declined, the bellows den hell never stops, remains strong. And it is precisely here where Xabier Solano  and friends of Esne Beltza have wanted to reach the project ESNE ZOPAK. Esne Zopak is a disc composed of traditional trikitixa. In this work, new works performed to meet the traditional way. The diatonic accordion (Xabier Solano) and tambourine (Jon Mari Beasain) completely naked. Although some items are “accompanied” by DZ the dj of the group, the main protagonists are the trikitixa and tambourine. Thus Solano has managed to liquidate the debt he owed to himself to approach trikitixa of yesteryear. On the sound have made a great effort to approach the traditional trikitixa interpret sounds in time and distant. But they thought that the best way of approaching the traditional sound would be to appeal to musicians of yesterday, they already have to tell, he had to listen to and collect. And it is here that embodies the special character of the letters that make up the project, since those are based on real events. Esne Beltza  members heard what was said by, among others, Epelarre, Landakanda, Laja, Xapre, Etxeberritxo, Felisa, Ospas and Praxku, and went through three improvisers to compose letters about those events. Thus, the lyrics of songs written by Iker Zubeldiak, Jon Maia and Jon Garmendia  “Txuria”. But in addition to listening, the job can be viewed on a DVD. It trikitilaris appear above, telling their stories, and then can hear the songs based on those facts. In some cases, the musicians are veterans who perform a piece. Thus, in parts or in full, you can see and hear the concert held in October 2009 in the cider Larralde from Astigarraga  (Gipuzkoa), musicians playing to the public and people dancing. There are also a short film. Just based on a song Esne Beltza and tells the story of a milkman. The actors  Mikel Laskurain and Ane Elordi have participated in the short produced by the same Tropofilms that collected images of the party at the cider. To complete the audiovisual images are available from the tour conducted by Esne Beltza in summer in Japan. A unique opportunity to enjoy listening and watching butt.

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