Guitar Crusher

Guitar Crusher arrived in Berlin at the end of 82 along with Nick Katzman, who inaugurated the Cottonwood club in what was West Berlin. At that time I met them, the unmistakable voice of Guitar Crusher leading the band “The Midnite Rockers” was everywhere .. Although he had come to Europe to begin a new career, Crusher soon discovered that even in this new environment also existed conflicts and friction among group members.The stage prior to their arrival had been the ’70s, a time when the madness “disco” had left many Rhythm and Blues musicians jobless. Crusher was one of them, and worked in a cloth factory to meet Nick Katzman in 1976, when it rejoined the “Midnite Rockers” (the name of the old band of Crusher).In 1992, Crusher and Nick Katzman, along with his old friend Wild Jimmy Spruill recorded an excellent CD titled “Googa Mooga”. Guitar Crusher also has worked on numerous recordings at European level.He currently lives in Berlin and is as active as ever, although there are no more smashed guitars at gigs.

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