Hotsak Dantzan

Gaztelupeko Hotsak meets 12 years in 2007. During this time we only had eyes for the present and future, always with the mind set on the next album, the next artist, the next project. Have rarely taken a break to look back and do a review of the wide-more than a hundred albums and a thousand songs- and diverse catalog that have been built step by step, day by day. Since we issued our first reference, many musical styles have found a space in Gaztelupeko Hotsak, yet there are still gaps, one of them is for the electronic music. Likewise, we realize we have not published any collection that gives an idea of the singers and groups with whom we worked during these twelve years, and we believe that it is the time. The serie that we present now, we have called Hotsak Dantzan comes to kill two birds with one stone, in addition to initiating Dantza Baltza, a new collection of black music that we have begun to develop.

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