Jon & Sugramas

Jon Gurrutxaga, former singer of Arima Beltza and former battery of Uek, is presenting his new rock project “Jon & Sugramas”. About two years ago the musician from elgoibar began composing new songs, and wanting to satisfy their desire to sing again. When he got a good number of songs decided to form the group with old friends. The band accompanying Gurrutxaga in his new career and named “Sugramas”, referring to the plant related to snakes, is made up of Ekaitz Garmendia and Ivan Hernandez from Azpeitia (guitar and drums of Legen Beltza) and Andoni Mujika from elgoibar, bassist which is also part of training Andraka. “Jon & Sugramas” is inspired by ’70s rock, but also drink from the stronger blues. Before recording the album, the group will give two concerts to heat engines: the first on February 26 at the bar Izkin of Durango, and the second on March 6 in the Aterpe of Arantza. Then, on March 26, will go into the studio Koba Bilbao with the sound engineer Xanpe to record his first album that is going to be released by the label Gaztelupeko Hotzak in early May.

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