Jose Vera boasts of curriculum. The Majorcan bassist is credited with countless sessions as accompanist for some of the most popular artists of the peninsula (Deborah Carter, Revolver, Luis Eduardo Aute, Carlos Nunez, Antonio Vega, Ismael Serrano, Quique Gonzalez, Concha Buika, Pasión Vega …), but with the release of “Butterfly”, the time has come to claim for itself a deserved prominence. In first person.This is not his first solo album. Already in “Concepts” (Schoot Records, 2006) was surrounded by old colleagues with pedigree, some of whom return to visit him in his new work: Antonio Serrano and Jorge Pardo provide their usual expertise, and the timely appearances of Santi Ibarretxe or Manuel Machado-among others-are not anecdotal. Every voice makes sense in a relaxed atmosphere, where the groove and talent do well in spurts, with muscle and substance. It is appreciated the generosity of the bassist given the division of roles and spaces, avoiding free showcasing and allowing the music to breathe naturally.

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