La Teoría del Taburete

This show begins with a journey through time and blues that leads to the 20s, a time when the blues was a rural music that was done and was sung in local low-class but had a successful important among the black population at the time. From 1929, with the arrival of the Great Depression, this style was plummeting, but some voices have managed to survive over time.Women used to begin her childhood singing gospel in the evangelical churches of their villages. The gospel, at the time, was considered the music they approached the black community to God. If they were successful in her teens decided to devote himself to music and became part of small theater companies were engaged in itinerant vaudeville comedies and represent little prestige to amuse the black community. Many times when the show ended, the audience were asked to sing some blues and it seems that little by little, this style was seeping into them until they were turning him completely.
Many of these ladies to do a tribute on this album had a very humble origins but ended up being known singers. Here are some of them:
Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, Ida Cox, Victoria Spivey, Billie Pierce, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Big Mama

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