Los Coronas

The story of The Coronas are back in the early 90’s in Madrid, oblivious to the musical currents of the moment has always been his fidelity to a style and attitude. They are the first Hispanic group practice surf music, an authentic instrumental rock’n’roll machine well oiled. They already existed before Tarantino popularized the “surf sound” with his film Pulp Fiction, which teaches the business world the value of music that dates back to the early 50s and continues to exist despite the turmoil that come with music in recent years. However, The Coronas surf music show that it remains an eternal spiral sonics.The trio of its beginnings are joined by Javi Vacas (La Vacazul, Deluxe, Tres Hombres) on bass and Oscar Ibarra (Marlango) on trumpet. Joining them Fernando Pardo (Sex Museum) guitar, David Krahe (No Wonder) guitar and Roberto Loza (Sex Museum) on drums make up The Coronas.In 2006, The Coronas, coinciding with a successful tour to promote Mexican lands, published Surfin Tenochtitlan. A compilation of the best songs of his career and give good faith on the ability and musical taste they have had in the fifteen-year career.

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