Mikel Markez

Mikel Markez has been more than ten years in the world of music and
song and the disc is a proof of this maturity. Markez declined to write
his own lyrics, and all songs are taken from writer Pako Aristi’s
poems. So, although the musical side is the most important, great care
has been taken with performers and performances: Pello Ramirez, Iñaki
Salvador, Luis Camino…are notable, amongst other musicians.
Several excerpts from live shows which they have given all over the Basque Country, presenting Tribuaren hitz galduak
(“The tribe’s lost words”), appear as bonus tracks on this album.
Lasting a full hour with collaboration from Benito Lertxundi, Patxi
Ezkiaga, Patziku Perurena, Igor Elortza and Palaziyo.

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