Miren Aranburu Ensemble

Created in 1996 around the voice of Miren Aranburu and the compositions of Jean Louis Hargous, the band is also made up of double bass, piano and drums. This is an original, little-explored experience as it unites Basque with the modern one of jazz and musical improvisation.
Miren Aranburu is not a new voice on the Basque song scene: her first album was in 1977 with tracks of what were then new Basque songs. In the 80’s she moved towards the world of jazz through the sax-player and composer, Jean Louis Hargous. This instrumentalist, with six albums already published, has developed a rich composing style from jazz to electroacoustic music.
The first results of these two working together was Etorkizunaren memoria, published in 1996. In 2002 the Basque jazz label ERRABAL opens with the album Gorri isila, where Miren Aramburu’s soft voice performs themes composed by herself and contemporary versions of well-known songs. She uses quintet, quartet and trio line-ups in her live concerts.

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