MunLet begins its journey in 2003 as a duo, relying at times with different partners, trying to establish an electronic-based project with the most hazardous rock in mind. Having published three controversial EPs, in 2007 published Noise Clinic (Transpop), a record that leads them to the forefront of the electronic state. In 2008 MunLet remains in second place in the twentieth Villa de Bilbao, as well as best group of Euskal Herria. In 2009 is published Pong (BiBateanDiskak), collecting vinyl versions of some of his favorite themes. MunLet now expands to quintet, along with Anita Lady Fingers, voice, synthesizer, theremin and Ina Herr Professor, programming, guitar, keyboards, we have Oscar Alvarez, drums, vocals, Arkaitz Garai, under, and Sergio Llanos, guitar, vocals , and with this new training, developed CANYON, which is so far his greatest work, the more elaborate album, best finish, combining talents and resources of an unusual shape, being beyond his proposal, crossing their electronics with acoustic elements flooding of shades, colors and intensity of music. Music to listen, to dance, and taste, because sometimes you can not describe the world we live in words, we must listen as undo, as dripping in your ear, shoot in your consciousness. CANYON.

Arkaitz Garai, baxua
Oskar Alvarez, bateria
Sergio Llanos, gitarra, ahotsa
Ina Iriondo, gitarra, sintetizadorea, ahotsa
Anita Pérez, ahotsa, sintetizadorea, theremina.

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