Nevermind People

“Smells like teen spirit” when we found a spirit like this, we suspected that it could happen something. “With your friends is easy to lose your head” and that is what is happening to this group that was formed among friends. As an excuse the age marked at the 90´s by the album Nevermind of Nirvana. As a starting point, the moments painted full of color and plenty of memories of the 90´s.
“Come as you are” defines enough this project. The four members of the group have something to say about that. Apart from their training feed on different music sources, factor that is essential to receive in its fullness the music of this quartet.
The voice of Ainara Ortega, the guitar of Jorge Abadías, the contrabass of Aritz Luzuriaga and the drums of Hasier Oleaga are the sound elements of all this. The actors of this theatre, who put on the table their skill and who make possible this great experience.
“Because life is live” the group pretend to be this way. Because the events happened at the past still alive, and will still.

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