Poetic babies

Mikel Andonegi conducted its first musical work with Kaki Arkarazo, and with the model of the group Sarako denbora got his first followers and fans in Radio Popular and Radio Euskadi. In 1985, being a member of the M-k, on the second disk of the group, entitled Emeak eta Arrak, he is shown as a keyboardist. After recording a few other models not very successful, in 1988 he took part in Donostia Jazz Festival where he gave a piano solo. In 1989 he headed to New York to begin an adventure that would last 16 years. There he formed the group Lovehead with the singer  J Dilla X, and the group garnered a good number of admirers around them in that city. Before offering a tour of France and Germany offered a number of concerts in the United States. The group signed with the Elektra label released a record, but unfortunately, the recording was not released  because of disagreements arose between members of the group both in artistic and personal. In 1992 he began his journey as a soloist, keyboardist and producer, and for the first time as a singer. In the album titled “Illegal Alien”, published in 1996, you can see the fruits of the work of that age. Although it received very good reviews, the lack of promotion greatly conditioned the commercial potential of this work. Mikel played in those years as a pianist with jazz musicians of the highest order, including Richard Bona, Mamadou Ba, Horacio the black, to name the best known. In 2001 undertook a major work in the world of ballet with the dancer Francesca Harper, and among other pieces created the musical called Fragile Stone Theory. In 2002 started having voice problems, and became determined to work with other musicians. Thus, the producers  John Roggie and Ari Zabloski used the services of Mikel like a pianist. With the recovery of his vocal cords, in 2003, began the development of its main project-Poetic Babies-with the invaluable help of John Roggie.   In the year 2005 and based in London, created in collaboration with British musicians of the first rank of jazz, the avant-garde group called 4Brothers and a Ghost, which released an album of own songs (Errabal, 2006), performing in England and the Basque Country.   This album, Poetic Babies: Strangeness Adding to your sense of beauty since 1998 (Gaztelupeko Hotsak, 09) published in late 2009, it is a synthesis of traditions and musical influences of all collected in recent years, completing the journey.   Looking forward MikelAndonegi’s  firm intention to continue on both fronts, in the world of jazz as a pianist and music mixer in this call Poetic Babies, so he can continue mixing music and words  with Soul, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Techno.   On this album you will hear the outcome of this project.

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