RS Faktor

A group formed by five diverse and extremely experienced musicians. This union, forged in the fire of countless hours of shared flying and music, is especially evident in one basic yet essential element: sound. The way in which Salvador’s trumpet and Julen Izarra’s sax intertwine is very special, and is further enriched by the ingenious touches of Satxa Soriazu, the unbreakable lines of Javier Mayor and the organic drumming of Hilario Rodeiro. With so many young musicians, Salvador and his group resist all efforts at typecasting, uninhibitedly exploring different genres, styles, tones and rhythms.  They play jazz, yes, but jazz has changed. And our jazz, the jazz of here and now, has a new group in town. Five young people with a clear vision – and that is what they play. Ladies and gentlemen – Rubén Salvador R.S. Faktor.

Hear: Nire Lagunentzat

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