The Dirty Pink Ladies

The Dirty Pink Ladies consists Alain Martinez, Urko Roa and Jon Gracia in November 2005 in Irun, as a remedy against boredom boundary and to give vent to their musical interests. What at first was a more raw and direct sound has gradually become more elaborate and delicate songs, but without losing its initial freshness. In 2006 self-published his EP “The return to the action!” A five-song single in the predominantly hard rock of the early Seventies AC / DC and MC5. Well received by critics, the group presents the disc live  in Euskal Herria and Catalunia, sharing the stage with groups like  Sewergrooves or Turbonegro. After a year and a half of concerts, the band decided to shelve directly to seek a more personal sound, and then write and record their debut album. Both the live recording as have the invaluable assistance at the piano and voice channels Rakel, helping create a more enveloping atmosphere. “SUNRISE ORCHESTRA” drinks of different influences, creating a homogeneous mixture. Energy and sunny melodies (Sunrise Orchestra, Cigarette soul part I), sharp sound “partecaderas” (Under the hands of God, Mr Man), love and hate in equal parts (100 Reasons, Formentera), garage and psychedelia (Too old to cry, Angels never sing), healing and meditation for a new dawn (One direction).

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