The Lucilles

The Lucilles are a band currently settled in Madrid, Spain, with Mexican leadership and members from several countries such as Spain, Portugal, France, USA or Argentina. A bunch of Soul lovers decided to help bring the Soul back to the dancehalls… And when they say Soul, they mean Soul in the classic sense of the word: those wonderful sounds from the 60’s forefathers and the music that fed the Northern Soul scene during the 70’s. With their first work “Sweet Soul Music vol1”, published in april 2013 by Basque label “Gaztelupeko hotsak”, they were voted favourite band for 2014 by LH Magazin and ranked #1 at the Soul Spain’s poll in march 2015, in addition to play relevant festivals like “Festimad” or “Madgarden” and be booked as opening act for the rhythm and blues diva Velma Powell.With the release of their second álbum “Northern Exposure” The Lucilles were nominated as Best Black Music band and awarded as Best Raising Band at the Pop Eye Awards, in Spain. The were also heading the Soul Spain Magazine poll for two months, were included on its compilation SoulSpain vol III, and their record “Northern Exposure” was recognized by the Sonic Wave Magazine as one of the best domestic albums for 2016.

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