The Wet Band

This wet band is from Mutriku, the coast, but the fluid and humidity are part of it, because they have always had the ability to soak up very easily for many styles of past and present. But they go further and after absorbing all these trends have created their own skin, which is hard and thin together.   In winter 2007, coinciding in time with the opening of the rehearsal spaces for Mutriku bands, The Wet Band was created. Endika thr guitarist, who had previously participated in two projects of heavy and progressive rock, known to initiates Iñigo (bass) and Aitzol (drums) were plotting to start something together. They began to interpret versions of Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Skunk Anansie, Nirvana and others in the room to practice and play. After a while, started looking for a singer and met Ainara, who never had a band, and she became a great discovery.   Given the band formed, wrote his own songs and  give concerts, and also recorded a demo.  They presented to Danbaka contest and after qualifying in several stages, they won the first prize awarded by the jury and the audience award. Then, they composed new themes and met Kerejeta who plays sax and keyboards. In this manner, they entered the studies Shot! Arrasate to record what will be the first disc of The Wet Band, prize won in that contest Danbaka. “Waterproof” is the name of his first disc.

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