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June 29|1:00 pm-5:00 pm

Clarity, authenticity, and the habit-turned-custom of crafting great songs could set a band apart from many others. Using blues as a primary influence to achieve a unique sound and elevate it to the status of a style is undoubtedly a success, an achievement reserved for only a few. Determination, hard work, and faith are indispensable ingredients to achieve this.

Away from trends and tendencies, hailing from the heart of Basque Country, StarBlues was formed in 2010 in the Goierri region. Their proposal stands on two fundamental principles: Blues-Rock essence and Euskera language, paying special attention to lyrics. From the release of their first single in 2013 titled “Amets gaitzko bat,” through their debut record named “Gu geu” in 2016, “Hitz gatibuak” release in 2020, and after several lineup changes, the band led by guitarist and vocalist Jon Barreros consolidates with Mikel Atxega on bass, Yon Labayen on keyboards, and Unai Lopetegi on drums and percussion. A band under Barreros’ direction that has emerged as a reference in the circuit, one of the most genuine and original proposals on the scene, and undoubtedly the primary exponent of Blues sung in Euskera.

Recorded and mixed at Pottoko Studios in Beasain by Fredi Peláez, “Bizi berri baten gezurra” (The lie of a new life)  essentially follows in the footsteps of its magnificent predecessor, with the added virtue of the band’s journey on the road, the experience, and the know-how of a project that has been evolving for ten years thanks to its unique philosophy and a rather uncommon way of seeing the blues.

A record devoid of gratuitous concessions, original in form and intriguing in content. An album that traverses the sonic strokes of Yon Labayen´s piano, redolent of jazz blues in “Bizi berri baten gezurra” (The lie of a new life), only to completely shift gears in “Arima libre” (Free Soul) with echoes from Carlos Santana, guided by Jon Barreros on guitar and Unai Lopetegi on percussion. The band shuns the most rigid orthodoxy, wrapping the profound lyrics of “Denboraren zama” (The burden of time) in a shuffle rhythm. Blues Rock with meaningful lyrics and an incendiary guitar performance by Jon Barreros in “Zirkoa” (Circus) showcases the band’s flexibility, whether handling dynamics on “Bakardadean” (In solitude), a soulful slow blues, or maintaining a perfect pulse in the shuffle “Patru Petrala” (Insolent destiny). While all songs are credited to the band, all the lyrics bear Jon Barreros’ signature, except for “Aintzergako mugarriak” (The borders of Aintzerga), written by Yon Labayen with echoes of the finest New Orleans blues tradition. Funk, soul, and blues add an extra dimension, pouring relentlessly through “Errutinak irentsita” (Swallowed by routine). Starblues conclude with the energetic blues and frenetic rhythm on “Paper madarikatuak!!” (Damned papers!!).

Bizi berri baten gezurra” may solely stem from the will, hard work, and conviction within a project that has been ten years on the road. An album signed by a band easily distinguishable from many others. A band that has ingeniously crafted its own sound, elevating it to the status of a style: the Starblues style.


June 29
1:00 pm-5:00 pm


Tolosa, Tolosandblues
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