1. Me and my buddy.
2. Long gone lonesome blues.
3. Ida red.
4. Blowing the blues.
5. Craxling king snake.
6. Rattlesnakin daddy.
7. She’s a hum-dum dinger.
8. The jitter jive.
9. Going?away party.
10. lack snake moan.
11. Black nights.
12. Drunken herted man.
13. Hot nuts.
14. Honest I do.
15. Dunken herted man.
16. See that my grave is keep clean.

Compilation, end of 2000

Malcolm Scarpa: voice and guitar.
**Ñaco Goñi:** harmonica.
…and friends.

A look back over twenty years of intensive collaboration between these two musicians. The CD contains a compilation of the duo’s best moments, and well as a series of lesser-known, hitherto unpublished songs. Tracks include classical blues pieces and a few original compositions.

Disc Type: CD
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