Mingus Moods


“In my music, I try to express my inner truth. And that’s a tricky thing, because I’m constantly changing.”

“I’m Charles Mingus, half-black man, but not white enough for them to stop calling me anything but black. I’m Charles Mingus, famous jazz musician, but not famous enough to be able to make a living out of it in society.”

Charles Mingus

Charles Mingus played at the same time in a beautiful way, in a rough and violent way, with all his love, with all his hate, with aggressiveness and tenderness. Essentially a jazz musician, but, most of all, an incomparable music shaper, or preferably a sound maker of a much wider scope. And not only because of his prodigious talent, but also because of his polyhedral, dangerous and indecipherable personality. Engaged in a constant struggle against the racism present in Western society, with an always firm, brave and defiant attitude, instigator of thousands of controversies; brilliant, unbeatable and cranky music lover. There are many of us who worship his magic  placing him among the 20th century greatest artists, as well as those of us who feel powerfully attracted by his stormy and mysterious life. Among them, the main responsible and author of this marvelous record you are holding in your hands: the excellent double bass player Iosu Izaguirre. As Iosu himself accurately tells us, Mingus’ work is influenced by gospel, blues, African music, New Orleans, Mexico, Colombia, swing, be bop, Duke Ellington, Debussy, Stravinsky and free jazz. But it is always possible to identify his truth, his struggle and his love in each and every note within his compositions. And that has been the main approach Iosu. He has analyzed the master’s music down to the simplest and tiniest elements, with them, he has built a new musical structure as a tribute.

Iosu Izaguirre started playing electric bass at the age of 15 in ska and rock bands and soon felt the call from jazz and began to study double bass technique. He moved for a few years to Barcelona where he performed with musicians such as Victor de Diego, Gorka Benitez, Alejandro Di Costanzo, Alejandro Mingot and the pianist Teresa Zabalza.  On returning to Gasteiz, he took part in projects featuring singer-songwriter Mikel Urdangarin and composer Bingen Mendizabal, as well as pianist Iñaki Salvador. He has also worked as a producer and tour manager for Gari de Hertzainak. In addition, his extensive and productive career includes work alongside Ruper Ordorika and none other than Mikel Laboa. Iosu is a highly experienced and wise musician, and why not, our own “little Mingus”.

The musicians who have accompanied him through this journey are equally outstanding members from our local scene. The record features Rubén Salvador (trumpet), Pablo Ramos (alto sax), Asier Iturbe (trombone), Koldo Uriarte (piano), and Aitor Bravo (drums). On the whole, 8 original songs by Iosu Izaguirre recorded at Araba hall from Fundación Vital in Gasteiz in December 2022. 8 charming affection samples, respect and admiration and a generous invitation to immerse yourself in the life and career of the unique Charles Mingus. Do not miss the chance.

Disc Type: CD
Publication date: 2023/03/30
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