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  1. Memphis train (R.Thomas)   mp3
  2. Jesus just left chicago(Gibbons, Hill, Beard)
  3. Jan jan (M.Davis)
  4. Over and over (F.Smith)
  5. Midnight cowboy (L.Morgan)
  6. I wanna know (H.Laws)
  7. Get up (B.Marley, P.Tosh)
  8. Out of sight (J.Brown)
  9. Messin around (M.Slim)
10. I need you (E.James)
11. Since I been loving you (Page,Plant,Jones)

Jairo Zavala Voz,guitarra
Javier Vacas bajo eléctrico
Antonio Alvarez batería
Daniel Madariaga<7b> hammond
Gautama del Camposaxo
Norman Hoguetrombón

Disc Type: CD
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