Tejidos (Fabrics)


Each stroke, each invisible thread converges and shapes a new sensation, bringing us to the unpredictable. Wood, metal, a four melodic instruments essence that speak the language of the instant, whose touch caresses the ear, revealing landscapes never seen before.

Recorded by Mario Carrión at Fania Studios in Madrid in September 2023, mixed and mastered by Marc Paled, Tejidos is an organic record characterized by the absence of harmonic instruments and band´s great performing skills. Essentially original with an obvious cosmopolitan vocation, open to different trends and sensibilities under contemporary jazz principles. Nine compositions written by all members that range from Moebius rhythmic effervescence as the first cut, through Tejido 2 the evocative passages of and approaching the dialectic textures between Gianni Gagliardi and Roberto Nieva on Tejido 9. A musical tapestry that is gradually taking shape with the exquisite Ona Erv and Fuga classic music reminiscences. The band opens new rhythmic and aesthetic possibilities on Francisco Corchera and Tejido 1 to immediately treat us to the unpredictable passages of Tejido 3 ending up with the eclectic and flexible Migros Blues.

MOEBIUS : Gianni Gagliardi, Roberto Nieva, Dario Guibert, Miguel Benito

Moebius is a project focused on making memorable musical textures, exploring new and personal sound spaces, a contemporary jazz of international projection. Tejidos is the result of those invisible threads, those subtle strokes that converge, delighting our senses in each of its passages through the language of the instant.



Disc Type: CD
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