Capsula are Martin Guevara: guitar/vox/effects, Coni Duchess: bass/vox, I. Guantxe: drums/percussions
Capsula hails from the streets of Bs As Argentina, South America.
Wildly touring Europe, US, Canada, Mexico & South America, they are
relocated in Bilbao, Euskadi, Basque Country. They love guitars, fuzz,
distortion. Their name comes from David Bowie’s song Space Oddity, in
spanish means capsule. They sound like mars, dreaming hawaii, a karate
fight, flower crowns, vulcano, caramel, gigant waves, turtles in chile,
kitten ears. They want to touch your lives and kiss your bones.
Wild. Energetic. Hot. Psychedelic. A Furious Hologram. A Space of
Sounds. Droning Riffs. Garage Rawness. Shinny Surf Pop. Exploring
Vocals. Feedback and Noise. CAPSULA.

Their sneering rock and roll attitude may suggest they don’t care if
you like their music or not, but after one listen to In The Land of
Silver Souls, it’s going to be hard not to. Deep grooving rhythms and
wailing guitars are ever present as the band shifts between blazing
riffs, spacey exploration, shimmering walls of sound and thick catchy
vocal melodies.
Hear: Wild C  from “Dead or Alive” (2014)


Hear: Caballos de Mar “Sublime 1999”

Hear: Artificio “Yudoka 2000”
Hear: Somnolencia “Capsula 2002”

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