Jimmy Bidaurreta

Jimmy Bidaurreta (Donostia, 1971) is a common name in many of the projects of jazz, funk, Latin and electronic music that have emerged over the last decade in Euskal Herria. While it is known and has excelled as a pianist and keyboard player (he was or is a member of Argot, Tumbaíto, Sonora Candela, Javi Pez Orchestra, Acid Gazz, Makala Band, Grog and Ortophonk, among others), his career has more aspects: he has composed music for film and theater, has done production work for other artists, and currently is director of the Gasteiz Big Band, jazz band with one foot in the sound of the 70s and one in the current trends of music, such as hip hop. Now just take a further step in his enviable evolution as a musician, to approach the world music or ethnic music from their first album, literally, by himself: Cosmonaut Camel. An ethnictronic World trip.

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