Malatu emerged in 2005 in Leintz Gatzaga and Gasteiz, when some highly experienced musicians decided to start working together. These include, for example, the brothers Alberto and Nando de la Casa, who for years have been members of  “Mugalaris”, the band of Ruper Ordorika. Rounding out the group; Iñaxio Gabilondo (vocals, harmonica), Mikel Garcia (guitar and composer of most of the tracks), Txefe Ferroni (saxophone), Laura Ortega (piano and vocals) and R. Luisja Barron (percussion). They are skilled musicians who have been in many groups before: Potato, Altxemi Trio, Big Band Gasteiz, Anastua Perku Jazz Band, The Bearded Lady …Malatu’s music brings back memories of a faraway place, or put another way, has the ability to lead the imagination to a distant and unknown place, say for example, a small island lost in the vastness of the ocean, or village fishing … Hearing the stories they tell us Malatu lyrics, it’s easy to imagine that they talk about their people, their lives, their sorrows, joys and hopes. I could be more specific and say that sounds Malatu soft and elegant, as caressing as the sea breeze, so full of saudade (melancholy) and love of life, take us to Cabo Verde, New Orleans, Havana, Cadiz or Lekeitio.

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