Listen on MP3: Sugea kantoietan

Malatu´s music drinks from many sources. In this first album, mix the popular song -Mikel Laboa is a remarkable reference, and listening to singing Iñaxio Gabilondo is inevitable to remember the great artist-, jazz, latin, gypsy melodies of the East, -thanks to the violin of Nika Bitchiashvili- African percussion  and bits of flamenco. The result is a music with a lot of swing, easy to listening, but made with quality, pleasant but not empty, to be enjoyed right in the heat of a club in the winter or under the starry sky of a summer night.

All songs are originals composed by Malatu except “Maitatua sobera” (version of “Love” by Mikel Laboa), “Bizitzan egiten duguna ” (revision of the classic “All of me”) and “Take Five” (Paul Desmond) .

Disc Type: CD
Publication date: 2010/04/05
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