The Fake Cousins

The Fake Cousins is formed by the renowned pianist and singer Paul San Martín, whose unstoppable career has led him to collaborate with many projects and musicians over time (Stay Blues, Mingo Balaguer, Velma Powell, Itziar Yagüe, etc.), releasing five records and being considered as one of the most relevant figures in the blues piano scene. Jon Aira has become one of the most talented young guitar players in the scene due to his career along Mojo Hand band as well as his countless collaborations with different top-level artists (Iker Piris, Noa & The Hell Drinkers, etc.). A multidisciplinary artist and renowned musician at San Sebastian scene (The Chicken Farmers, The Belates, etc.), drummer Javier ‘Shaf’ San Martín joins the band, which apart from having a powerful staging, they release their first record, revealing a rigorous musical archeology exercise with a more than outstanding outcome.

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