The Set-Up


Recorded live, “The set up” could be a melting pot of styles and trends that are part of what is known as American roots music. The fact is that it is a raw and organic recording as a result of both Blues music individual knowledge and band´s performing skills, exploring each and every element required in any Blues tradition based recording going through most of its sounds under Paul San Martin´s inexhaustible left hand in “Maple Leaf Rag” classic Rag-time by pianist Scott Joplin, moving to the usual  Basque piano player  New Orleans flavoured style on “Rockin’ Pneumonia” by pianist Huey Smith and  reaching  Big Joe Turner´s “Roll ’em Pete” classic. The Fake Cousins demonstrate a wide options range by paying tribute to Texan guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughn on “Pride and Joy” with Jon Aira’s leading guitar or claiming Boots Randolph sax player figure on “Yaketi Axe”. “Bad Boy” honors the great Eddie Taylor by Aira´s hand just to recall one of the “Kings”, Albert King´s “Born Under a Bad Sign” from Stax golden age, masterfully performed by San Martin on vocals and Shaf´s magnificent groove on drums. The band goes back to Chicago blues on Jimmy Rogers “Sloppy Drunk” closing the circle with “The Spy” a brilliant song cover from The Doors.

The Fake Cousins have taken the first step, it is called “The Set-Up“, a record full of surprises, secrets to discover and sound possibilities to taste. A Blues album with capital letters that forecasts a long and prosperous road, a road only achievable to those who have the passion and talent to love this timeless music called Blues.

Disc Type: CD
Publication date: 2023/06/20
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