Travelling brothers

In the Basque Country there are bands that play standards or that incorporate blues influences and resources, but, like Jazz, there are not many musicians who assumes the roots of the genre, like a base of a personal project. It was January of 2004 when the Travelling Brothers from Bilbao, begin his journey in the Blues lands. The brothers Aitor (guitar) and Eneko Cañibano (bass) with their cousin Jon Kareaga on voice (all keep on family) decide to step forward on their rock project Taladrina. They incorporate two new members: Isi Redondo on drums and Ander Unzaga on keyboards, with the idea of draw on scenaries their passion of Blues, in the way of Eric Clapton or BB King.
With all the gear ready, with a good crowd behind them and the ideas very clearly embark on the adventure of play live his repertoire, getting a sound that themselves baptized as “Hard-blues of the earth.”The Travellin Brothers are back on track with its third album under his arm.

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