Captured Live in Leioa


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of the main features of this veteran blues band from Bizkaia (Basque Country)
is, apart from their quality, the persistence they shows in their work,
permanently on tour performing at the great blues festivals and in small
locations. However, the sextet was in need of fresh challenges and incentives;
thus came about the idea of getting together a big band and recording a live
disc together. The recording has 14 items, among which we can hear, apart from
their own songs, adaptations of Albert King, Willie Dixon, Ray Charles, B.B.
King, Colin James or Nick Ashford, which their followers will find truly
amazing. The DVD has two tracks, the first of which covers an entire concert.
The documentary lasting over an hour can be displayed in the second track
and shows the band’s human side, co-existence and the friendship among six musicians
who take the project to its ultimate consequences with simplicity, sincerity
and overwhelming naturalness, plus tons of humour. Good music, excellent
production and image quality.

Hear: Midnight Train

Disc Type: CD/DVD
Publication date: 2012/01/20
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