Xabi Olkoz 4et

Alongside the drums and percussion from Xabi Olkoz, there is Jon Zufiaurre on saxophone, Bernardo San Martín on piano, and Jorge Sánchez on double bass, in a classic quartet line-up. Xabi Olkoze has worked with the famous jazz trumpet player David Pastor and played with Serafin Zubiri, although this is his first solo project. Jon Zufiaurre has been taught by Mikel Andueza, Bob Sands, Joaquín Chacón, etc. Currently, in addition to being a teacher, he works in groups like Iseo & Dodosound and Tafajaz. Trained by musicians such as Iñaki Askunze, Javier Garayalde, Laura Ridruejo, Mikel Andueza, Javier Colina and “Iruña Big Band” former pianist in the 90’s, Jorge Sánchez Akeni, he has worked mainly in studio productions with artists such as Alana Sweetwater, Jason Kipe, Rihanon Miprano, Pello Reparaz and Juantxo Skalariak.

Extraordinary musicians, they have understood, however, that the scope of this proposal goes beyond music. Hand in hand with Bazzkun Proiektuak, they will present the album live with a setup featuring off-screen voices and projections, offering the magical context that this curious work requires. Let us enjoy it in all its splendor.

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