Legend has it that it was Amalur who gave us the sun-shaped plant known as “Eguzkilore” (Carlina acaulis) to protect our homes.  It is said that by placing an “eguzkilore” at the door, the evil creatures of the night become fascinated by looking at it spending the whole night trying to count its leaves, until the first light of dawn reminds them to return to their burrows and leave our homes in peace. Thus, we also remain totally hypnotized, while listening and trying to decode a thousand nuances from this delicate collection of songs, until we totally lose track of time and space.

Xabier Olkoz‘s quartet adapts here 7 beautiful original songs dedicated to a mythological character from Navarre, dressed in elegant jazz costumes with a magical folkloric mystery. This reveals to us a journey that takes us from the terrible darkness of the night to the dawn and the sweetness of mother earth, amidst echoes of ancestral melodies and zortzikos, as jazz-folk sounds accompany us with warm colors and increasingly intense light.

Alongside the drums and percussion from Xabi Olkoz, there is Jon Zufiaurre on saxophone, Bernardo San Martín on piano, and Jorge Sánchez on double bass, in a classic quartet line-up.

Disc Type: CD
Publication date: 2024/02/09
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