Yoio Cuesta

In 1987 starts as a principal dancer in a small company called New Face and dance in different auditoriums of Barcelona like Scala, Trauma, ….. etc. In 1992 went to Almeria and enters the world of jazz with the help of maestro Paco Rivas (guitar) with whom his musical knowledge grows. With him and Diego Cruz (vocals) formed “Acoustic Soul Trio”, doing versions of jazz standars. In the 97 with Paco and Diego started a recording project called “Unusual Club” which would lead to the first album by this young artist, blending styles like Funk or Acid-jazz.After several years as singer Larry Martin Band, and various experiences in the music business, Cuesta Yoio  launched itself with BACK TO THE 40’s, a project that leads by herself.
It aims to capture the spirit of early jazz and blues music, gathering the legacy of African-American tunes associated with lives of slaves, and ballads of great emotional content, very close to the language of the blues or spirituals .For this reason we have chosen the guitar player, instead of the piano, for its undeniable connection to the roots of black rural music.

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