Back to the 40’s


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Yoio Cuesta on this album attempts to capture the spirit of early jazz and blues, picking up the legacy of African-American tunes associated with lives of slaves, and ballads of great emotional content, very close to the language of the blues or black spirituals.

For this reason we have chosen the guitar player, instead of the piano, for its undeniable connection to the roots of black rural music.

Guitarist Dan Rochlis, born in New York, with a great knowledge of the language of jazz and blues, is responsible for this important role within the group. The training is complemented by two great musicians long history: Pablo Martín Caminero on bass and Daniel Garcia on drums.  

BACK TO THE 40’s is a project designed to be played in theaters and auditoriums, it claims to defend the authenticity and quality, not to mention aspects that make it a great product, attractive commercially and musically accessible to any viewer.

And all this with incomparable stage presence and voice of Yoio Cuesta.

Disc Type: CD
Publication date: 2010/10/19
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