9, 9, 9


Raúl Sainz de Rozas belongs to that group of musicians who possess an inexhaustible creative capacity and the quality of unpredictability, walking the line between orthodoxy and eclecticism. A multifaceted creator who has managed to draw from multiple influences and sensibilities throughout his extensive career, culminating in his latest work, “Nine, Nine, Nine.” This album features Alberto Rodriguez (mandolin and sound engineer), Andrej Olejniczak (saxophone), Juan Luis Castaño (drums), Javier Mayor (double bass), César Giner (electric bass), and Nika Bitchiashvili (violin), showcasing the timeless nature of the Bilbao guitarist’s compositions.

Acoustic guitar solitary passages with classical reminiscences on exquisite ‘Diciembre’ alternate with compositions like ‘Mic Mic’ and ‘Olga decir.’ Songs alongside ‘Paisaje con lluvia,’ were previously recorded on his project Organizing, now take on a new dimension infused with contemporary jazz sounds, echoing influences from John Scofield, Jaco Pastorius, or Pat Metheny. Raúl Sainz pays homage to his classic jazz idols with ‘Variaciones sobre Alice in Wonderland,’ a tribute to another mentor, Joe Pass, in ‘Lord Castle’ featuring Juan Luis Castaño on drums and Javier Mayor on double bass. ‘Falling Grace’ by Steve Swalow is revisited solo by Raúl Sainz, a recognition of newer guitarists. ‘Samba do Lidia’ showcases the impact of Bossa Nova on the guitarist’s creative imagination, while ‘Nine, Nine, Nine’ serves as the perfect space for free improvisation among three musicians seeking the moment as a form of expression. ‘Vals de las Nubes Calladas’ opens new sonic doors drawing from Granados or Albeniz, leading us to ‘Al Faro,’ traversing through manouche and revealing Raúl’s admiration for Django Reinhardt.

Nine, Nine, Nine” is a jazz-themed work, eclectic and versatile, where multiple colors and textures coexist, crafted from the virtuosity and wisdom of a guitarist like Raúl Sainz de Rozas. An artist in pursuit of the sublime with his own styles and forms influenced by musicians and all the music that came before him.

Disc Type: CD
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