Getxo 2017


It goes without saying that the last edition of the
groups’ contest held within the Getxo Festival has been one of the most
interesting ones in recent times, and I have substantial experience—over 20
years—in the pre-selection panel. All four participating groups showed they
undoubtedly have earned the place where they are today, and they certainly did
not come to spend a few days’ rest. In this context, winning the first prize
means a real achievement. It was not the first time that those three young Germans
got it, in 2015 they won another prestigious European contest: the Europäischer
Jazzpreis. In my opinion, the reason for their success lies in the fact that
their repertoire presents an additional risk factor and they defend it both
with conviction and a great deal of energy. Malstrom has something special that
differentiates itself from other music bands. In particular, it creates its own
sounds and musical genre, characterised by the unexpected and a close
connection to the aesthetics of their times.

Disc Type: CD
Publication date: 2017/12/10
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