The standards of my childhood


Sooner or later, along the life of a musician, there is a need to go back to the origins, to claim that first passion on which the inevitable need to create was built. Looking back and honoring the undying legacy that others left at the beginning of the path which shaped the reality and the present of the artist himself.

Olatz García-Ergüín has a solid lyrical background as well as an extensive professional career in projects such as Bizkay Bay Jazz Collective and Ados Jazz Band, she has participated in many festivals and live performances over time, she has also released her first album alongside Miguel Salvador in 2022. Beyond being band´s co-founder, talking about Bilbao guitar player Miguel Salvador is talking about an essential figure in the jazz scene. He has recorded four albums and has collaborated in many projects, performed in the main festivals throughout the state and has been awarded in different contests. On the other hand, Fabián Acarregui, double bass player and plastic artist, has an incessant trajectory that has led him to work with a great number of artists and be part of “Quark Trio”, “Ana Bejerano Quartet” and “Jazz Ciudad”, he has also collaborated Bilbao Symphonic Orchestra among many other projects. Drummer Gorka Iraundegi has been combining piano and drums throughout his career, providing a more global sense, and bringing a great musicality to the project. Another of the record highlights is Nohemi Ladrón de Gevara on first violin and Leire Angulo on second violin. Two wide experienced artists who add an unusual harmonic originality to the band.

Led by Bilbao-born singer Olatz García-Ergüín not only reveals a clear of artistic coherence, but it also states a clear declaration of intentions when it comes to approaching the American real book from a genuine and very personal point of view.

Recorded live at Tio Pepe Studios in Urduliz (Bizkaia) in March 2023 by Unai Mimenza “The songs of my childhood” reveals singer’s state of grace right from the start with “It Ain’t necessarily So” a cover from Gershwin’s 1935 opera “Porgy and Bess” while powerful “On the Sunny” side of the street” reveals band’s unquestionable dynamic skills. Songs like “Softly as in a morning sunrise” or the delicate “Can’t help loving that man” acquire a new dimension under Miguel Salvador leadership. The sextet performs “Estate” by composer Bruno Martino in Bossa-oriented sound just to recreate “Body & soul” under Fabián Acarregui on double bass and Gorka Iraundegi on drums groove, backed by Nohemi Ladrón de Gevara and Leire Angulo on violins. Billie Holiday spirit flow through Olatz´s singing in “Crazy he calls me” to review “Georgia on my mind” and the delicious “When Sunny gets blue”. An excellent selection of songs such as “Nature boy”, “Some other time” and “What a little Moon light can do” put an end to the band’s first album.

Olatz García-Ergüín goes back to her origins. A singer who returns to where her passion was born. She does it next to a great artist such as Miguel Salvador and an extraordinary band. A first organic and enormously honest record called “The songs of my childhood“. A work that fully honors the indelible legacy from many other artists that preceded them.

Disc Type: CD
Publication date: 2023/06/15
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