Was one of the creators of the Taller Canario together with Pedro Guerra and Andrés Molina. The things he did with his group are educational and participatory. In the maxi Tic-tac… Hiru Truku helps out. In his first solo full-length album, Tiempo, acoustic and electric sounds are presented and once more the songwriter makes pop references at times, but without selling out on his ethnic origins or social demands.
In this modern era, in which the label world music is so often bandied about, Rogelio Botanz has, with complete ease and the help of a few good collaborators, managed to distil many years’ hard work into a few songs with a dense mix of cultures, something which makes them strangely familiar to many different people.

As a result of his fruitful relationship with the writer Alfonso Sastre, in autumn 2004 he is due to bring out a book-album with poems set to music, which he will also present live in a show entitled ‘poems and songs, hand in hand’.

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