A good pianist and blues singer

January 20, 2014

This is the second solo work of the pianist Paul San
Martín (Donostia-San Sebastian, 1979). Lovers of blues, jazz and other black
music genres knew San Martín as a member of the Stay Blues, a band that showed
that it had broad knowledge of the blues tradition, reflected in the only disc
they recorded: Stay Blues (Gaztelupeko Hotsak, 2007). But San Martín has
been performing live ever since he was 15, and today focusses on the piano
blues tradition working on styles like stride and boogie woogie. In recent
years San Martín has been devoting himself to composing and performing solo
– he performed in the last edition of the Jazz Festival of Donostia-San
Sebastian-but we’ve also seen him playing with other bands, like Triz3ps,
Soulbros and The Romanticos.


(Gaztelupeko Hotsak, 2011) was San Martin’s debut solo work, a disc that could
be regarded as a tribute to New Orleans and in which he revisited classical
blues, rhythm & blues, boogie, jazz, gospel and calypso numbers of the
start of the 20th century, besides incorporating his own stuff. In Paul’s
he follows the same guidelines, appearing again with only his piano
for company and offering a fresh collection of classical blues, jazz, boogie
and gospel numbers, adapted to his artistic personality. After listening to
these 14 superb tracks, it is clear that San Martín is turning into an
increasingly better pianist and is displaying greater
confidence when singing.


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