A trip through one of the classics of rock and roll

December 14, 2012

The intention was not to make a tribute album, but to become immersed in
each of the songs and set out on a trip through one of the classics of rock and

They knew the right person to make it with: the producer and sound
technician John Agnello (Alice Cooper, Sonic Youth, Bob Dylan…), a
Bowie fan and someone they had already worked with on the band’s latest album.

 Taking advantage of the
trip to the United States to play for the third time at the South by Southwest
festival in Austin, the band called by the Watermusic studios in New Jersey to
record the album. The trio once again had the help of Gaizka Insunza
and Josu Urkidi, in addition to that of the other member of Audience, Ager
Insunza; they invited more collaborators: Ivan Julian, an old friend of the
band, and with whom the album
The Naked Flame was recorded and also released by
Gaztelupeko Hotsak; Matt Verta-Ray (Heavy Trash, Speedball), Marta Ruiz and
Fernando Pardo (both of Sex Museum) and Chris Cain (We Are Scientists).

Aware that it was a special
moment, the recording of the disc was filmed to produce a documentary that is
expected to be released in a few months’ time.

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