…and blues became groove

January 20, 2014

In recent times the band has seen significant changes:
the bass player Carlos Funky Galindo moved away and his place was taken
by the guitarist and bass player Sergio Longfingers Pérez. Ready to take the necessary break so
that Sergio and the band could adapt, they decided it was the right moment to
look for a keyboard player and found Alberto Skualo Navascués; with him they have achieved a considerable
improvement in the band’s sonority and performing capacity thanks to his piano
and Hammond organ. And we mustn’t
forget the significant contribution of Patxi O´Clock Ruiz, either; he
has not only gone on playing his harmonicas but has also been gradually
incorporating his rhythm guitar. So the De 2 en Blues Band has moved from the
initial duo (formed by Miguel Lawyer Gonzalez and Michel Montgomery
Remón) to a quartet, quintet and, right now, a sextet.

On this third disc, we can appreciate the band’s current
good health, with its properly lubricated machinery, to which the guests
contribute, thus providing enhanced musical depth throughout. What we have here
is the concert of an eleven-member band. That comes through and in a big way in
the way the numbers are played with a much more complex, richer sound. For
the enjoyment of black music lovers.

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