May 17, 2024

Mónica Matabuena, a native of Getxo, has a degree in Music from the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid (Centro Superior Música Creativa), specialising in “Performance – Jazz Itinerary” and has been training for more than a decade in the knowledge of the voice through different projects such as CINEMA, JOAO or LAS NEGRAS DEL 45, besides being a certified Teacher at Institute for Vocal Advancement and leading her own center focused on singers training.

After all these maturing years , Mónica has found the right moment to release her debut album. She already has a voice of her own that allows her to move between her own compositions and standard covers with rapturous elegance. A warm and serene voice like a sunset on the beach. A seducing and moving voice without imposing her self. She is the light and guide of all the themes without dazzling, leaving the right space for the instruments to breath, letting notes and textures dialogue in playful improvisations merging a sound flow that draws from fully recognizable and recognized sources, but becomes unique and personal in her hands.

There are echoes from Maria Joao, Camila Meza, Bill Frissell or Paul Motian. There is modal jazz with soleá vibes, a Scottish folk ballad, and even a majestic homage to Spanish song on “Ojos Verdes. There is wisdom and respect for the roots mixed with an enormous capacity for both reinvention and surprise.

Matabuenapura is Mónica Matabuena in her purest form, for which she could not be better accompanied.


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