The subtle instant and its rhythmic language.

June 21, 2024

Pausa is a pleading for inner calm, for inner silence. An invitation to stop and observe the world around us, to be suspended in a space without maps or coordinates.  A record made from the inside out revealing a determined author through the deep emotionality of their compositions, inviting us to explore the choreography of the moment. The subtle instant and its rhythmic language.

Recorded and mixed at Pottoko Studios in Beasain (Basque Country) by Fredi Peláez and produced by himself alongside Rodeiro, Pausa takes shape after a long process, the result of previous experiences and the inevitable influence of artists such as Paul Motian, Bobo Stenson, and Paul Bley. A record in which Hilario Rodeiro has enlisted the collaboration of four renowned musicians and regular colleagues, such as Juan de Diego on trumpet and flugelhorn, Eneko Diéguez on alto saxophone, Julen Izarra on tenor and soprano saxophone, and Kike Arza on double bass. A quintet that takes up the challenge of not having any harmonic instruments, which creates empty spaces and constantly emphasizes the search for the moment. Ten pieces full of emotionally profound improvisation, signed by Rodeiro throughout 2023, are inspired by different times of the day, subtle moments, and the perception of the observer. These compositions could well be framed in the so-called Free Jazz or Experimental Jazz, but besides having various influences ranging from pop to jazz, chamber music, or traditional folklore, they are essentially focused on the encounter with interpretative poetry rather than instrumental virtuosity.


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