ATERKINGS : Live Rock and roll

June 2, 2005

They have already got down to work. On 14 May they will be playing in Markina and then in Barakaldo, Vitoria, etc. It is easy to see the stamp of classic rock and roll in their style, although there are also hints of other styles such as boogie and rockabilly, as well as, of course, punk. The drums and guitars create an accelerated, almost infernal rhythm, which often reminds you of the mythic sound of Los Ramones. Here is what they themselves say: ‘We are not original, we simply play music we like. We play classic, dirty rock and roll, and the album also has a touch of punk. We like the fact that it does not sound clean and in fact, between each track the silence is imperceptible’. In the references chapter, Aterkings mention MC5, the Stooges, Iggy Pop and the Sonics.

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