Barrence Whitfield y Petti & The Bloodyhotsaks

January 25, 2010

Petti and Whitfield got together in the summer in the studio Katarain to record with The Bloodyhotsaks:  Joseba Irazoki, guitar player who had played before with Petti; Iñaki Guantxe, drummer and member of the groups, Señor No and Lobo Eléctrico; and Beñat Irureta on bass.  In only a few days, five themes created by Petti and five more versions chosen by Whitfield were crafted in an atmosphere of having known each other for years.  The result is a great rock&roll record.  The listener will find in Petti´s themes lots of shouting, sharp guitar-playing and beats that compel people to heat up the dance floor. Whitfield’s voice is sweet and calm with touches of acoustic folk and slower tempos.

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