BOSGARREN HARIA: Music to be Read

February 9, 2006

New collection of texts from Gaztelupeko Hotsak

New collection of texts from Gaztelupeko Hotsak

The music is to be listened to, but afterwards we talk about and comment on what we´ve listened to. We continuously exchange opinions on this or another topic, without even knowing why we like this song and another leaves us feeling indifferent.

The objective of the collection Bosgarren haria (The Fifth Cord) isn’t to publish a series of horrible, theoretic texts, but rather, with the help of experts and music lovers, to create a historic review about that which our ear’s listen to; to build upon the consciousness of our musical background.

We are already familiar with the music, the songs don’t have boundaries, and moreover, new technologies make it possible to exchange more rapidly. We haven’t drunk from the only fountain, as all of us fellow music lovers have been marked by diverse influences.

It often happens that we don’t know too much about certain music, a singer or group that interests us. Frequently, that what we hear an announcer say or a comment written by a critic forms our entire knowledge.

Bosgarren haria tries to help to fill in that hole left in Basque.

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