CAPSULA available on LP

December 14, 2012

‘Sublime’ (1999)

made their debut with Sublime, barely two years after Martin Guevara
(vocals and guitar) and Coni Duchess (bass) had set up the band in Buenos
Aires. By that time, they had already toured Europe and had had the chance to
be the supporting band in Bilbao for the Welsh group Super Furry Animals.  The album was recorded during that tour at
the Mr. Jam studios in Bilbao, and Laberintos and Pizarnik
were the singles chosen to publicise the album. In their first albums many
bands sound spineless and mimetic, but this is not the case here. Capsula
sounds powerful and exciting in these nine songs, all in Spanish, combining pop
melodies (Todos sus nombres, Ella encarna), with raw,
abrasive guitar layers, without concealing their influences, (Sonic Youth, Iggy
Pop and Argentine groups of the 70s and 80s like Sumo, Pescado Rabioso or
Manal) with totally enigmatic titles like Lo que es tal vez, Caballos de mar …


‘Yudoka’ (2000)

is a continuation with respect to the previous album, it keeps the
introspective air of Sublime –both were albums worked on in the
studio– and the group continues to express itself in Spanish, but adds
electronic touches to the sound which remind the critics of English afterpunk.
The album displays a balance between such clear guitar themes like Trampas
del ajedrez
or Naufragio, and others more directly melodic and
catchy like Esplendor or Palabras
.  Both Sublime and Yudoka
were released by La Nena
Records, and were only distributed in Argentina.

‘Capsula’ (2002)

spent periods of time in Madrid, London and Berlin, the Group settled in
Bilbao, where they were drawn to an underground scene they had discovered; this
offered the group the chance of getting some feedback. Maybe that’s why the
album sometimes reminds one of Cancer Moon (Focused, Nuevo despegue). Capsula
was released by DDT Diskoak and is the first album to include songs in English,
although the main language continues to be Spanish. The influence of Argentine
rock has begun to fade and the group has been gradually assimilating the
experience acquired on their International tours, so that the sound is
evolving, expanding, becoming affiliated and turning more basic. The result is
a psychedelic album more geared towards the garage band than the previous ones.

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