CAPSULA’s first three discs re-released

June 18, 2012

It’s a great
chance to see how the trio started out. Atmospheres that take you to Spiritualized
or Spacemen 3 and which at the time were highlighted as songs ‘reminiscent of David
Bowie’s Space Oddity’ and the band like ‘some galactic Beatles’ (El Tubo magazine, January 1999). Lyrics in Spanish
influenced by groups like Pescado Rabioso or Almendra, the latter paid tribute
to with the rendering of ‘Color Humano’, included as a bonus track in ‘Sublime’.


 CAPSULA have taken forward their
mission to become one of the best live bands of our generation. Receiving praise in Europe as well
as America, the indefatigable trio crosses frontiers like a tornado of psychodelia
noise, with dark, post-punk fury and the primitive roars of garage rock. Its live, impacting effect has led
them to be compared with bands like The
Stooges, Sonic Youth, The Birthday Party or Comets on Fire.
at a live Capsula concert is an experience that is not easily forgotten.  The
turbulence and excitement of the guitars crash onto urgent rhythms, sounding as
if ten musicians were on stage experiencing lysergic highs.

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